David Stenson (b.1982) completed an M.F.A. in Composition and Theory at Brandeis University. His first two formative years of composition study were spent with Nils Vigeland at the Manhattan School of Music, and he finished undergraduate studies at the New England Conservatory of Music (BM, with honors), taking studio lessons in composition and electronics with John Mallia. David's compositional interests include microtonality, auditory perception, digital signal processing, algorithmic music, computer-assisted composition, and noise.

David is the co-founder of the Boston-based Electroacoustic / Noise / Robotic music and Installations collective Frequency Umbrella, along with Co-founder Bert Van Herck, and members Victoria Shen and Michael Shonle (in-house instrument designer and tech advisor). Website Coming Soon!! as Barth might say....


David is taking his shit on the road beginning this fall and continuing through 2019: 

This fall: 

Stanford/CCRMA , Berkeley CNMAT (dates TBD here, could be moved later etc, but likely fall) , Hopefully (talking now) Cal Arts, Hopefully again (also talking now) UCI


Libson Portugal (either Nov. or Early 2019.)

In 2019 (in no particular order):

Etchings Festival (Auvillar France), SICPP (Boston, MA, Composit (Rieti, Italy), High Score (in talks now, this looks promising, but is not yet confirmed), London -- some noise shows

also looking into noise shows in: Milan, Turin,  Barcelona, Berlin, Graz

Fall 2019 (Asia, no particular order):

Japan (lectures, working to confirm now + noise shows) , Taiwan-- lectures + possible concert with NCTU, Beijing (probable), Malaysia -- Very very excited about this , early stages , but talking with Shitnoise bastards about tour, Thailand

looking into:

Hong Kong



Keep ur eyes peeled!!!! ~xoxoxoxoxo...